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USM01 Library Catalog (USMARC) UNIMARC BIB (UNI01)
OXFORD - (Z39.50) Library of Congress - (Z39.50)
DANBIB (Z39.50)
SUNYA - (Z39.50)
Authority Catalog (USM10)
Course Reading List (USM30)
Course Reading - spring term
Serials Catalog (USM01) USM01_Z39
Monographs Catalog (USM01) UNI01_Z39
The Famous Lincoln Library PARDUBICE (Z39.50)
Economics Library Law and Economics
United States Humanities Library
USM90 National Bibliographic Center of Taiwan (INNOPAC)
USM90 (Union Catalog) Thesaurus (USM11)
East Asian Library Main Undergraduate Medicine Library
Thesaurus - (USM14) DREWDB - (Z39.50)
French Language Law Library
Main Library Russian (USM01)